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SEBAC Updates on Coalition Bargaining on Core Issues

SEBAC Update on Coalition Bargaining – 11/17/2021

Union leaders in SEBAC and the Lamont Administration met again today, November 17, to discuss proposals. We plan to have additional meetings with the Lamont Administration in the near future. Local negotiation committees will continue to be updated on the status of coalition negotiations.

SEBAC Update on Coalition Bargaining – 11/5/2021

As we previously reported below, union leaders in SEBAC agreed to meet with the Lamont Administration on a coalition basis in an effort to reach an agreement that would set a pattern with respect to wages and other cross-unit issues that will be offered at every bargaining table. Today, November 5th, the parties met to discuss pandemic pay and wages. While we have no progress to report from today’s meeting, we plan to continue meeting with the Lamont Administration while local negotiating committees continue their efforts to achieve fair collective bargaining agreements.

Coalition Unions to Bargain Core Issues Together – 10/6/2021

Union leaders in SEBAC have been concerned by an overall lack of progress at the negotiating table for a number of months. This situation, and the possibility for win-win scenarios in pension and healthcare, suggest that a common approach by all SEBAC unions can help local negotiating committees achieve their goals — fair collective bargaining agreements that benefit both our public sector members and the public they serve.

The idea is that through common interaction with the Lamont Administration we can agree on a pattern with respect to general wage increases, steps and related issues, and other cross unit issues that the State as an employer must offer at every bargaining table. The parties can simultaneously explore positive issues in the pension and healthcare agreement, but the unions will not consider any changes that reduce benefits or otherwise negatively impact members.

Local negotiating committees are aware and supportive of this initiative, and will be continuously updated about progress in the discussions. They will continue to play their democratic roles with respect to all aspects of seeking agreements which they would be proud to recommend for ratification including, if necessary, pursuing binding arbitration. If the initiative fails to produce such agreements, or negatively interferes with local negotiations, the Coalition will end discussions immediately and reserve all of their rights with respect to the negotiation and, if necessary, arbitration of new agreements.

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