The Connecticut Police & Fire Union

Welcome to the Connecticut Police & Fire Union’s (CPFU) website. CPFU is a labor agency that represents approximately 950 police, fire and public safety personnel throughout the state of Connecticut. It is unique in that its coalition includes both firefighters (IAFF Local S-15) and law enforcement (IUPA Local 74) personnel. In fact, its members represent in excess of 50 job titles in Connecticut state service, encompassing more than 13 state agencies. CPFU is affiliated with the International Union of Police Associations, International Association of Fire Fighters, State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC), Connecticut AFL-CIO and the Greater Hartford Labor Council.

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Pandemic Pay Look-Up Now Live
Pandemic Pay Look-Up Now Live

​The pandemic pay lookup tool is now available for state employees to look up their pandemic pay award based on their risk designation and number of eligible hours. As a reminder, this look-up tool will be based…

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Are you looking to take a college class or attend a training? Take advantage of the Training & Tuition fund.
Training & Tuition

Are you looking to take a college class or attend a training? You may be eligible to receive reimbursement from the Union’s Training & Tuition fund. Learn more to see you if you qualify…

CPFU Shooting Response Information
Retirement Information

Are you curious about your retirement benefits? For the most recent info from the Retirement Division of the Comptroller’s Office regarding changes to the rules for…

2021 CPFU Legislative Updates

Click the link below to find your designated Union representative. Remember—if you’re unsure whether a meeting with management will lead to discipline—be sure to first…

Have a health & safety concern at your workplace?
Health & Safety

Have a health and safety concern at your workplace? Contact the Committee today to find out if a potential workplace hazard needs to be investigated…

CPFU Shooting Response Information
Legal Defense Fund

The PORAC Legal Defense Fund is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most respected public safety legal plan. Serving more than 143,000 members nationwide…

CPFU Shooting Response Information
Shooting Response

CPFU has a 24-hour emergency shooting response team ready to assist any active Union law enforcement member in the event they are involved in a…